Here's a great little story to start 2020!

It's about local entrepreneurship, social media marketing, the importance of timing and critically how being purpose driven leads to success.


Let's start with purpose. It was pretty clear… need to make enough money to buy a new surfboard so three young grommets (that's a little surfer dude) decided to sell bacon butties next to the beach. I'm down for that and happy knowing where the proceeds are going.

Social Media Marketing

Connect with your market when they are ready to buy! We saw their post pop up on the local Facebook page so went to support them. The beachfront was strewn with numerous campervans and worse for wear Mount Maunganui party goers from the night before. Talk about right product, right place and right timing. And… possibly the best day of the year to be selling through social media.

Young and local entrepreneurs

We are always keen to promote and support local businesses. Doesn't get much local-er for us and love seeing some young guys learn customer service skills, basic business accounting, staff management and division of tasks. Really happy to buy from them, great butties too!

A few things that I really like:

  • Deliver on your promise. Post said "Bacon Butties $4", that's what we got and with a smile. Took all of about 2-3 mins!
  • Stick to your Knitting. No attempt to upsell to a sausage or add sauce, sides, drinks or subscribe to their customer loyalty program to be able to access the best price or latest product.
  • Be authentic to yourself and the brand. The three little dudes were fronting the business. Dad was in the back cooking the bacon but the boys were leading the charge and fronting the business.
  • Dealing with the third-party delivery challenge. Apparently, someone had made an enquiry if they were on Uber Eats. No… but no problem, they had the scooter there ready for deliveries!

Kia Kaha boys… have an awesome day and look forward to seeing the new board. I suspect we may be seeing these boys in some future business endeavours!