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Important Notice For Franchisors


How many franchise enquiries did you receive over the Christmas break?

How many did you miss, and are you getting back to those enquiries just now?

The bad news for you is that you may have left it too late.

Common knowledge amongst franchisors would have you believe that you have 24 hours to respond to an enquiry. From there the potential franchisee will rightly or wrongly create their initial assumptions on the brand, it's franchise support and even the likelihood of them being successful in the brand.

But it gets worse, we know it is no longer 24 hours. It can be hours or minutes which is why we have a 24-hour response promise and can usually respond in person within minutes.

We were busy whilst our clients relaxed over Christmas with the knowledge that their enquiries were answered, promptly and professionally allowing them to enjoy time with family and friends. They are now starting the year by doing their due diligence with potential franchisees.

We also had a great number of buyer advocacy enquiries with people looking to find out more about franchising and what their options are. Would you like to be on that list?

Now, let's talk about you, how are you going?

If you would like to understand how we can tailor a franchise recruitment support model that works for you, get in contact.

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