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Do you know who’s working for you?


Are you confident that you know that each and everyone of your employees is legally entitled to work in New Zealand at this precise moment.

Again in the news today there is yet another employer who has been found to be illegally employing a person to work in their business.Whether this employer was aware and ignored the fact or perhaps they simply had no idea this person was not entitled to work legally in this country made little difference to the punishment handed down by the Court. It is each and every employer or business owner's responsibility.

Whilst the individual employee may not have reported directly on a day to day basis to the person convicted they non the less were fined under the Immigration Act for their company's misdemeanor. The court upheld that the company was responsible for ensuring all employees were legally entitled to work.

Finding information relevant to an employee's entitlement to work in New Zealand is a relatively easy process in this country so one would then assume that this was something that employers and business owners did as part of their regular checks and audit processes. The increasing frequency of reading about yet another employer being fined for illegally employing someone however tells a different story. So why do so many employers fail to do these simple checks? Is it perhaps because they do not see it as important, perhaps they do not have an understanding of New Zealand employment legislation or perhaps they just simply don't have the tools, a method to keep track and top of this information or perhaps even the resources to do so.

Employers and business owners cannot continue to ignore their responsibility for this – the courts will certainly continue to crack down on those who don't comply with the legislation and the fines and punishments are only going to increase. Don't be the next business owner / employer to make headlines for all the wrong reasons – Iridium Partners can certainly help you down the right path of compliance.

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