Vegetarian Restaurant Franchise | Lord of the Fries

Tired of sacrificing your integrity to an employer who doesn't reflect your values? Take charge of your career by purchasing a Lord of the Fries franchise. LOTF promote high ethical principles and are 100% plant based. Run your franchise business knowing that you're doing your bit for the environment and your health and wellbeing.

We have seen a huge shift in focus and attention in main stream media about the health benefits of reducing the consumption of animal products in our everyday lives. Many more people are embracing the health, wealth and world benefits by switching to a plant based, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. This type of eating is becoming very popular for varying reasons: improved health by avoiding animal and dairy products; strongly held ethical principles for increased animal wellbeing; the impact of animal food production on the environment; to save money as meat/dairy/fish/egg prices increase; or perhaps people just choose a different lifestyle now.

Lord of the Fries (LOTF) is offering franchises throughout New Zealand to investors who really want to make a difference, already love LOTF products or perhaps someone who wants to start a business in a popular sector. Their menu is 100% plant based, 100% vegan, halal and kosher certified – and it's 100% delicious too!

Popular fast food chains usually only provide limited vegetarian or vegan options. Lord of the Fries' food is quickly gaining traction with sites now open in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown and Australia. There is massive demand for LOTF franchises in all the regions of New Zealand.

We understand that you don't want to compromise your integrity running a business and that the values and service of an organisation are just as important as the bottom line. This is one fast food chain that should satisfy your requirements as well as provide alternative fast food options to New Zealanders.

Like their business name suggests, Lord of the Fries cook their potatoes in non-gmo cottonseed sunflower oil blend and are 100% plant based without any chemicals or preservatives. Although some vegans don't enjoy meat substitutes, LOTF create specular burgers and other 'meat' dishes with a variety of plant products. Their food appeals to previous meat eaters so they can get their fried fix that tastes like the real thing but is a slightly healthier option (well, it is still fried food).

Plant Based and Veganism has been growing in popularity so this is an ethical and profitable market to enter by purchasing a Lord of the Fries Franchise. LOTF truly believe that the food they create will make a real difference to the world and help people transition to more of a plant based diet over time.

Lord of the Fries is in it for the long haul, want to join them and change the world with one vegan burger at a time? Your passion for delicious plant based fast food, strong leadership skills and great business knowledge would be a perfect fit for a Lord of the Fries Franchisee.

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