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Secure your Zones Hamilton Franchise today!

Hamilton is absolutely booming…..Latest statistics (from Infometrics) show that Hamilton's local economy grew by 3.1% for the 12 months to March 2019 surpassing the National growth of 2.5% over the period. There has been strong construction activity, with residential consents growing by 40%. This combined with the population growth of 3.6% compared with 1.7% nationally supports the fact that Hamilton is a desirable place to live, work and enjoy.

With demand growing steadily in Hamilton, more franchise opportunities are available in order to meet customer demand. Contact us to secure a seat at the next Zones information session – Don't miss out!

Prior to launching Zones in New Zealand in 2014 the Directors undertook a large research project to understand consumer behaviour and market attributes before launching Zones. Zones recognised the fragmented landscaping market and as a result built a specialised design-and-build landscaping service. The service provides a customer the full-service, from concept plans to completion. Zones project manage the work, which makes the whole process as hassle free for the customer as possible.

Build your dream business in a highly profitable and growing market.

Franchise owners do not need to be landscapers. The technical expertise required to deliver great design, trade skills and project management are employed by the Zones Franchise Manager, in conjunction with Zones training and the Franchise system. The Zones franchise model has key roles that manage these areas in order that the Franchise Manager focusses on building a scalable business.

For Zones to appoint you as a Franchisee, you will be:

  • Inspired to grow a landscaping business that delivers a superior customer experience.
  • Personally motivated to grow a multimillion dollar business.
  • Professional and well presented.
  • Someone who likes working with and managing people.
  • Customer service focused.
  • Is looking to create wealth with a business asset.

Franchise opportunities are also available in Wellington and the South Island. Contact us today to find out more.

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3 - future proof heritage franchise brands

3- Future proof heritage franchise brands

Interesting Inside Franchise Business article touching on Hog's Breath as one of the recognised heritage brands and how they are future proofing themselves so they can continue to sustain growth - Hog's Breath is coming to New Zealand - chat to us today about how you can be part of this great heritage brand.

3 - future proof heritage franchise brands - Nick Hall

Franchising is an all-encompassing sector that has seen its fair share of fad ideas and market trends. Wade through the sea of bygone ventures and you'll find the mark of tried and tested franchise model is longevity.

Whether it's a brand that has celebrated a long stretch in the public eye or received a number of independent accolades, heritage franchises represent stability and support.

But don't be fooled. A heritage brand with success overseas will not necessarily guarantee results in Australia.

It is imperative as a prospective franchisee; you research your desired franchise's history in the domestic market. Brands born in Australia have built their networks according to the specific regulations that govern the country.

Here, Inside Franchise Business takes a look at three home-grown heritage franchise brands who are future=proofing their franchisees.

Hog's Breath Café

Casual dining steakhouse Hog's Breath Café has carved out a niche for quality fare in a family environment.

This year, the home-grown hospitality business celebrates 30 years of operation; no mean feat in today's changing QSR landscape.

Ross Worth, Hog's Breath CEO believes the key to continued success for the heritage franchise is its ability to embrace new technology.

"What we could have never anticipated 30 years ago is the massive shift in technology, consumer expectations, sustainability and marketing that have driven our industry," Worth told Inside Franchise Business.

"Consumers these days demand more from their restaurants and food providers, which has forced the industry to up its game, which is a great thing. If you don't adapt to what the market wants, you simply get left behind," Worth said.

Over the past few years, Hog's Breath has introduced a quick-service model, Hog's Express as well as implemented a model food-truck business and strengthened its operating systems.



3 future-proof heritage franchise brands | Inside Franchise Business

The mark of tried and tested franchise is longevity. Heres three heritage franchise brands who are prepping their networks for growth through innovation.
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Do you know who’s working for you?

Are you confident that you know that each and everyone of your employees is legally entitled to work in New Zealand at this precise moment.

Again in the news today there is yet another employer who has been found to be illegally employing a person to work in their business.Whether this employer was aware and ignored the fact or perhaps they simply had no idea this person was not entitled to work legally in this country made little difference to the punishment handed down by the Court. It is each and every employer or business owner's responsibility.

Whilst the individual employee may not have reported directly on a day to day basis to the person convicted they non the less were fined under the Immigration Act for their company's misdemeanor. The court upheld that the company was responsible for ensuring all employees were legally entitled to work.

Finding information relevant to an employee's entitlement to work in New Zealand is a relatively easy process in this country so one would then assume that this was something that employers and business owners did as part of their regular checks and audit processes. The increasing frequency of reading about yet another employer being fined for illegally employing someone however tells a different story. So why do so many employers fail to do these simple checks? Is it perhaps because they do not see it as important, perhaps they do not have an understanding of New Zealand employment legislation or perhaps they just simply don't have the tools, a method to keep track and top of this information or perhaps even the resources to do so.

Employers and business owners cannot continue to ignore their responsibility for this – the courts will certainly continue to crack down on those who don't comply with the legislation and the fines and punishments are only going to increase. Don't be the next business owner / employer to make headlines for all the wrong reasons – Iridium Partners can certainly help you down the right path of compliance.

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