Celebrate World Vegan Day everyday at Lord of the Fries


Vegetarian Restaurant Franchise | Lord of the Fries

Tired of sacrificing your integrity to an employer who doesn't reflect your values? Take charge of your career by purchasing a Lord of the Fries franchise. LOTF promote high ethical principles and are 100% plant based. Run your franchise business knowing that you're doing your bit for the environment and your health and wellbeing.

We have seen a huge shift in focus and attention in main stream media about the health benefits of reducing the consumption of animal products in our everyday lives. Many more people are embracing the health, wealth and world benefits by switching to a plant based, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. This type of eating is becoming very popular for varying reasons: improved health by avoiding animal and dairy products; strongly held ethical principles for increased animal wellbeing; the impact of animal food production on the environment; to save money as meat/dairy/fish/egg prices increase; or perhaps people just choose a different lifestyle now.

Lord of the Fries (LOTF) is offering franchises throughout New Zealand to investors who really want to make a difference, already love LOTF products or perhaps someone who wants to start a business in a popular sector. Their menu is 100% plant based, 100% vegan, halal and kosher certified – and it's 100% delicious too!

Popular fast food chains usually only provide limited vegetarian or vegan options. Lord of the Fries' food is quickly gaining traction with sites now open in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown and Australia. There is massive demand for LOTF franchises in all the regions of New Zealand.

We understand that you don't want to compromise your integrity running a business and that the values and service of an organisation are just as important as the bottom line. This is one fast food chain that should satisfy your requirements as well as provide alternative fast food options to New Zealanders.

Like their business name suggests, Lord of the Fries cook their potatoes in non-gmo cottonseed sunflower oil blend and are 100% plant based without any chemicals or preservatives. Although some vegans don't enjoy meat substitutes, LOTF create specular burgers and other 'meat' dishes with a variety of plant products. Their food appeals to previous meat eaters so they can get their fried fix that tastes like the real thing but is a slightly healthier option (well, it is still fried food).

Plant Based and Veganism has been growing in popularity so this is an ethical and profitable market to enter by purchasing a Lord of the Fries Franchise. LOTF truly believe that the food they create will make a real difference to the world and help people transition to more of a plant based diet over time.

Lord of the Fries is in it for the long haul, want to join them and change the world with one vegan burger at a time? Your passion for delicious plant based fast food, strong leadership skills and great business knowledge would be a perfect fit for a Lord of the Fries Franchisee.

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Your Journey Into Business

Aron Fuller admits that a year ago, he was 'completely green' about franchising. 'I understood the fundamental idea, but I'd never looked into how it worked – the costs, the fees, the contractual stuff. Now I am about to open my own Mexicali Fresh franchise in Christchurch!'

Aron had help with the process from two highly-experienced professionals, Nathan Bonney and Meredith Taylor from Iridium Partners. Nathan has over 19 years' operational experience in franchising, with a passion for business development and helping individuals succeed. Meredith is a Human Resources professional with over 20 years' experience of helping people into the right roles in all sorts of industries.

'I'd been keeping my eye open for an opportunity, but didn't have anything specific in mind,' says Aron, who worked as a bar manager on his OE before a long career in sales. 'But I love Mexican food and, when I saw that Mexicali Fresh were looking for a franchisee for Lincoln, I decided not to let it pass me by. I contacted Nathan and we got together, then he took me through the costs, fees, revenue projections, the whole thing, so that I had a clear understanding of the business.'

As part of the process, Iridium also arranged franchisee compatibility profiling to check that Aron would be a good fit as a franchisee and would have the skills and temperament required to run a busy restaurant. 'I found that reassuring,' says Aron. 'It confirmed that I had a good shot at this and wouldn't be wasting my money. And, just to be sure, they recommended a specialist franchise accountant so I would have independent verification.'

Making the match

Nathan and Meredith say that Aron's experience is quite common. 'A lot of people don't have much understanding of franchising or the sort of businesses that are available when they first contact us, so our first role is to understand what they are looking for and what their transferrable skills are,' explains Meredith. 'What have they done before, what do they enjoy doing away from work, what's their family situation, what's important to them? What are their passions and what are their fears?

'Then there is suitability for franchising. Do they want a job or a business? Are they able to follow systems? They might enquire about a food business, but be more suited to home services – or vice versa. And even within the food sector, which franchise would best suit them? It's a journey we take you on to help you find the business that is right for you.'

While Iridium represents some top brands directly, they are also happy to work with any credible franchise. 'If a brand or category really appeals to someone, we will get details and help them through the process,' says Nathan.

'Good franchising isn't about selling the most franchises – it's about matching the right people with the right opportunities.'

A whole new world

For Atinesh Kumar and his sister Ashika Pratap, meeting Iridium could turn out to be life-changing. Atinesh owns a security business, and when Ashika started looking for something of her own after almost 15 years of nursing, he thought he would invest with her and they opened an LJ's franchise in Tauranga.

'I've always enjoyed LJ's fish and chips, so I emailed them one night and Nathan came back to me straight away. We arranged to meet the very next day. We had several sessions, learning more about the business and the costs, what makes a good franchisee and so on, and he arranged for us to meet the franchisor too.

'The profiling process reassured Ashika that she had lots of transferrable skills from nursing management, and she has always enjoyed cooking, too. We opened in Bethlehem in September and it's been going very well.'

So well, in fact, that Atinesh asked Iridium to find another franchise opportunity for him. 'I have managers in my business, so I thought I could invest my time better. Nathan has found us a major opportunity to take over five Sal's Pizza stores in Canterbury, with the option to open more. I love the South Island, so I'm planning to move there for training and to get the growth started.

'Iridium are always professional, always helpful, always quick to respond. Nathan and Meredith are really lovely and know franchising inside out. I only met them in June and I'm already giving them more business – that says it all.'

Find something you love

Nathan says, 'We are a specialist company offering a very personal service. Because we know the market and we're not affiliated to any of the large brokers or advisors, we can work with anyone, lawyers and accountants included. Our recruitment lens to franchise sales places a focus on putting the right people together on a project, which is very important for future success.'

Meredith sums up. 'Buying a franchise is like dating – you have to meet the right people, then you have to work out if you're right for each other. By using Iridium, you'll be guided through the whole journey to find something you love, and something sustainable. Contact us to find out more.'

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Let your imagination run free in the great outdoors

Fancy yourself a bit of a designer who gets excited when someone mentions pergolas or landscape design? We have the perfect franchise for you working on projects that could include outdoor lighting/paving/pools/pergolas right through to the one-off essentials such as fences and driveways. Let your imagination run free in this exciting franchise especially tailored for landscaping lovers.

Are you gazing out of the office window right now itching to get back into the outdoors? If you purchased a Zones Landscaping franchise you could run a profitable business creating and developing a variety of dream landscapes for your clients.

Zones Landscaping provide a wide variety of outdoor projects from landscaping of gardens/lawns; creation of outdoor rooms/pergolas/kitchens; installing walls/fences/pools/driveways/paths; and general maintenance including water systems, power and lighting. The design potential for outdoor spaces is endless so if you can imagine a sculpted sanctuary from a square of scrubby grass then this franchise will be perfect for you.

Around 30% of costs are wasted in standard residential renovations according to BRANZ therefore the Zones Landscaping online project adheres to timeframes and budgets as much as possible. At the initial briefing meeting with your clients you'll inspire their ideas and create the concept design plus estimate costs. Once the plan is agreed there will be detailed design, planning and costing followed by the build stage and maintenance programme.

Kiwis live almost entirely outside during summer and many would love to have a suitable outdoor entertainment area so the capacity for clients throughout New Zealand is immense. Our outdoor spaces are precious to relax and entertain in, especially this year when people can't travel overseas freely or as often as they may have. Many property owners are investing in indoor/outdoor renovations and alterations so it's the perfect time to get started with your franchise and grow a solid client base. In turn, they will provide word of mouth referrals (which are essential in New Zealand) to help grow and expand your franchise. If you can inspire your clients with additional options via the full remit of the Zones Landscaping catalogue imagine how rewarded you would feel viewing your completed projects. Are you getting the same satisfaction in your current role?

Although Zones Landscaping can create dream spaces for their clients there will always be the need for practical outdoor options such as fencing, gates, driveways, paving etc. The beauty of this franchise is that it will suit most clients' budgets and requirements. If can dream you can create - contact us today to find out more. 

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Whangārei needs pies!


Jesters Pies - Franchises for sale

Feed their hungry northern bellies with Jesters' Franchises

The humble New Zealand pie - our true blue, Kiwiana staple that permeates throughout NZ since a clever person decided to create a tasty meat filling and wrap it in pastry. Pies date back to the Pharaohs with differing versions recorded throughout the centuries. But Kiwis claim it as their own so they hold iconic status alongside pavlovas, chocolate fish and gumboots.

Jesters take pies very seriously because they realise it's an important part of our culture (full disclosure - Jesters Jaffle Pie Company actually started in Australia in 1997). However here in New Zealand Jesters have supplied Kiwis with high quality, inclusive (gluten free, vegetarian and vegan,) freshly baked pies with other tasty side options since 2002.

New Zealand's love for pies continues to grow.  So where exactly does Whangārei's population of over 54,400 people go to satisfy their pie cravings?

This is your excellent opportunity to provide delicious pies to hungry northerners by purchasing a Jesters' franchise in Whangārei. It's a simple business model with relatively low start-up and inventory costs. You don't even need to be a baker because the Jesters head chef creates delicious recipes for all the franchises. A further advantage to running this franchise is the capacity to provide catering as well as take the pies to the people of Whangārei in a Jesters' van.

What Jesters do ask from you is that you have management capabilities and great customer service skills along with a basic understanding of overall business and financials. In return, Jesters will support your franchise with all aspects of the business including marketing product development and merchandising. Jesters comprehensive training includes staff training; customer service; product knowledge; purchasing/inventory control; health and safety; accountancy/cash management; and management advice.

Whangārei is missing out on the best pies in the country so it's your opportunity to step up and make your country proud by supplying this national treasure! Contact Iridium for further information about purchasing the Whangārei franchise with Jesters. 

#whangarei #pie #pies #fastfood #lunch #catering #glutenfreefood #veganfood # vegetarianfood #fooddelivery

#beyourownboss #selfemployed #flexiworking #franchise #franchisee #franchiseowner #franchiseopportunities #creatinghappiness

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Be Your Own Boss with Diamond Fusion


FRANCHISES - Diamond Fusion

Become a Diamond Fusion Franchisee in your town and enjoy the benefits of being your own boss! 

Enquire Today!

Have you considered starting your own business but then started worrying about the initial costs and effort? Perhaps you don't know where to begin, and it just seems easier to stay as an employee with regular income and holidays. Many entrepreneurs invest long hours into their new company, often around their existing job until it becomes viable to move full time into their own company. But it's an exhausting process beginning with nothing and receiving limited returns.

You can generate a great income quickly by purchasing a franchise instead. There are many available including commonly known fast-food outlets. However, if Hospo doesn't interest you, then there are a variety of franchises with established and proven success already in the market. All the branding, marketing and business processes are complete and comprehensive training is provided to you. Don't forget the community of other franchise owners in your group to communicate and share business ideas with.

Have you heard about a glass treatment process that generates sparkling, easy to clean surfaces? Diamond Fusion is a world leading, highly reputable glass treatment for new (or stained) glass in showers, balustrades, pools, vehicles and boats. They have successful franchises already throughout New Zealand with further developments planned in Auckland, Christchurch and the other regions.

This is your unique opportunity to purchase a franchise with Diamond Fusion NZ. Although they have concentrated on shower glass, you are more than welcome to generate new business with other sectors that have glass surfaces such as automotive/marine sectors, tourism and construction. 

#beyourownboss #selfemployed #flexiworking #franchise #franchisee #franchiseowner #franchiseopportunities #cleaningservices #showerglass #buisnessforsale

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No secret to regional success

Moving from the big cities to the Bay of Plenty remains a hot topic of discussion, and as an ex-Aucklander myself, one I have had many a time.

It was once a trend associated with retirees, trading or winding down from their city property and lives, but is now increasingly involving younger individuals and families that are making or looking to make the exodus.

The questions remain, what's driving the desire, what are the benefits – and the biggest one – what do they do when they move?

Lifestyle attractions

What do regions such as the Bay or Plenty offer over the big cities?

More attractive property prices. While Tauranga has seen significant increase in property prices in recent years, the levels are still nowhere near the Auckland property market and on a dollar for dollar basis, your money still goes a lot further.

Less commuting. Along with the lower property pricing comes the reduction in commute times. A desire to avoid the commute is often cited by Aucklanders as the primary driver for looking to leave the City of Sails.

Add to these perhaps the most emotive and greatest driver, the elusive "work life balance". Just the thought that you could go for a walk on the beach or a surf after work in itself makes the day a bit brighter.

Combined with easy access to the central North Island, an increased disposable income from not paying an Auckland mortgage, and the scales are tipping towards the "life" on the scales.

However, the employment opportunities available in the big cities may not be available in the regions, which leads many to their own business, often in franchising.

And this is where the work life equation gets very interesting, with many franchise systems having some of their highest performing units and franchisees in the regions.

Better business fundamentals

Statistically, regional businesses have a 30 percent higher chance of being successful than big city businesses. And statistically franchises have a higher success rate than independent business units. That makes it seem like a lot of sense to start or purchase a regional franchise.

The factors that bolster franchised businesses' performance in the regions include lower rentals and lower wage costs, which are two of the largest costs for most businesses.

Lower operating costs are often matched by less competition due to the size of the market, making it easier to penetrate and stand out. A national or international franchise comes with the power of brand and marketing machine, adding further fuel to the mix.

It's not just the individual franchise units that do well in the regions, The Bay of Plenty is home to major national franchise brands in the building, home services and business to business sectors.

So who's coming?

In recent years we could categorise a majority of our movers and new entrant franchisees as the lifestylers as discussed. This trend will only increase in a post Covid world where many have had their first taste of work life balance via work from home and are not eager to go back to the daily commute or structured grind.

There are two additional groups that I expect to start to look at the region as a desirable franchise business opportunity: returning expat Kiwis, looking to avoid the cities and the ex-corporate redundancies, looking for opportunities that match their skill sets.

So, whether the motivation is a work life balance, securing a high-performing franchised business or escaping the corporate world, franchising in the Bay of Plenty looks a great option for many.

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"Right People, Right Place" by Simon Lord Franchise New Zealand

"Right People Right Place" - Simon Lord, Franchise New Zealand Media

Iridium Partners matches the people with the franchise to put round pegs in round holes​ - find out more in Simon Lord's article in the latest Franchise New Zealand magazine.

There are over 630 different franchise brands in New Zealand and thousands of new and existing franchise outlets on the market at any time. This means that anyone looking for a business opportunity faces a bewildering choice of opportunities. Even if you know you're looking for, say, a café franchise, which one is best suited to your pocket, your skills and your personality?

At the same time, franchisors are keen to find people who are a good match for their own culture; people who will make a success of the opportunity and build thriving businesses in their own local area. That matchmaking process can be a time-consuming one for both parties.

That's why Nathan Bonney and Meredith Taylor established Iridium Partners. 'You could say it's "Tinder for franchising",' says Nathan. 'Our aim is to pair people with their perfect franchise systems.'

The couple bring massive experience to their role. Nathan has over 17 years' experience in franchising, including over 10 years with the multi-award-winning Columbus Coffee and roles with Mexicali Fresh, Burger Wisconsin and Cobb & Co. His passion lies in franchise business development and helping individuals succeed in franchised businesses. Meredith, meanwhile, has more than 20 years of experience as a senior Human Resources professional across sectors including hospitality, tourism, construction, engineering and digital. For Meredith, achieving successful business outcomes for all parties is her goal.

Finding a business match

'Good franchising isn't about selling the most franchises – it's about recruiting the right people as franchisees,' says Nathan. 'But it's hard to make the right decisions when everyone's trying to sell you a business. That's why our approach is focused on recruitment, not sales.'

'It's like dating – you have to find out if you are right for each other,' smiles Meredith. 'That's why, if you're considering buying a business we like to talk to you, ask lots of questions and find out about your experience, your dreams and goals, your family and your financial situation. What do you like doing or not like doing? We'll take you on a journey to find out.

'A lot of people don't understand very much about franchising, so we'll also go through how it works and help you work out if franchising is right for you at all. If it's not, we'll tell you; if it is, which franchises are worth considering? You might think lawnmowing, we might suggest a renovation franchise. We'll carry out psychometric testing to help ensure you won't be a square peg in a round hole. Only after we've identified the specific brands that might appeal will we approach the franchisors on your behalf.'

Potential franchisees pay no fee for the service – instead, franchisors pay Iridium a 'finder's fee' in the event of a match. No match, no fee.

Attracting good franchisees

Iridium work directly with some leading-brand franchises to approach recruitment from the other direction, helping them to attract and qualify good potential franchisees. 'Recruitment is a big concern for many franchisors and a vital part of keeping their brand energised and growing, but few companies can afford to have a full-time specialist in the role,' Nathan says.

'We can effectively run a franchise's recruitment programme for them, including recruitment strategy, interviews and testing, credit and police checks, and personal and professional reference checking.

'Knowing the brands that we work with really, really well means that we can identify potential franchisees who have the right qualities to succeed in those systems and ensure that we only present qualified candidates, saving everybody's time and precious resources. Just as with the candidates, we "date" the franchisors, digging deep into how their system works and what makes a successful franchisee.

'We can also work at a strategic level. Some brands have a clear view of where they want franchisees or need to set territories, others appreciate some input. We also understand the New Zealand market when it comes to property and leasing, so we can help franchisors put the right people in the right place. And we can also help create your recruitment plan, create appropriate processes and documentation, review existing databases and develop communication. That allows franchisors to concentrate on supporting existing franchisees and building their business.'

Good brands, good people

Nathan and Meredith say that they only want to work with credible brands which are structured to do well in New Zealand. 'Our client base includes such leading names as Mexicali, Rodney Wayne, Burger Wisconsin, LJ's and Lord of the Fries, and we also work on a referral basis with a number of other brands across various categories. We also do one-off project consulting.

'By working with both franchisees-to-be and existing franchisors, Iridium covers all levels and stages of buying, running and growing franchises. The result? Franchisors with the right people representing their brands, new franchisees with the right skills to create thriving businesses within that particular system, and everyone involved sharing the ingredients for success.

'So whether you're considering buying a franchise or looking for the right new franchisees, contact Iridium today to find out more.'

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Who doesn't love a sparkling clean shower?


Franchise Opportunities Available Now | New Zealand | Diamond Fusion

Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Wellington, Manawatu, Christchurch, Taupo/Rotorua/Whakatane - secure your territory and say "see ya" to the 9-5 grind.....

Iridium Partners loves clean sparkling glass just as much as you do and we are super excited about this business opportunity.  Fraser and Toni of Diamond Fusion were looking for a business that provided them with freedom and financial returns that worked in with their lifestyle - they have done such a great job working in the business, setting up the right business model and systems that they now have Franchise territories and opportunities available throughout New Zealand.  

Here's your opportunity to have the freedom of working for yourself  in a well structured and supported business that can provide fantastic financial returns. 


Had enough of the 9 – 5 grind?

Have you been thinking about becoming your own boss and growing a business, so you can put your hard work toward a valuable asset for yourself rather than someone else?

Are you ready for your opportunity to own an extremely easy to run business, with low running costs, that, with some effort & commitment, can provide you with a work life balance that will be the envy of your friends!

We are seeking the best people to be franchisees in generously sized areas, that will provide you with a large customer base, which if committed to, could provide you with a great income. Potentially, ideal for a Husband & Wife style business, or grow bigger & employ staff for the hands on work, while you run the business from your home office.

Although residential new shower glass is our core business, potential for work is almost unlimited, as our range of products hugely improve any glass or silica based surface. One day you may be working on a residential shower, the next the glass of a commercial fishing boat. The direction you take your business is in your hands.

To be successful you will be a hard worker, with ambition to own & grow your business, you like to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds. You will be able to grow contacts & networks to create a steady flow of ongoing work. You will have an eye for detail, & be able to solve issues & problems if they arise. You will be tidy, well organised, & be able to plan your days in advance.
Your background could be sales, or customer services, or something completely different. Most important is that you are honest, friendly and reliable.

We will show you how to use our products & business systems & provide you with comprehensive initial training & the ongoing support. A Diamond Fusion Franchise provides you with all the benefits of owning your own business, with the added advantage of belonging to a network where support & assistance is provided.

We are looking for people nationwide to supplement our existing network.

If your interested get in touch via Facebook, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we can have a talk

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Lord of the Fries Equity Crowdfunding

Want to get your very own piece of the ethical fast food Lord of the Fries empire........? 

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Lord of the Fries selects NZ growth partner - Iridium Partners

Making more ethical choices when it comes to what we eat doesn't mean we need to eat solely soy beans and lentils for the rest of our lives or that we can't have a treat every now and then - we can still have a cheeky burger and fries - phew!

It's been very interesting watching the plant based movement become so accepted into main stream, everyday dining and fast food options. It has become something that has been accepted by a complete cross section of the population. No longer is plant based just something that vegetarians or vegans enjoy. There are entire aisles and freezer sections completely dedicated to plant based and who ever would have thought that plant based "Meat" would be sold alongside a piece of eye fillet in the meat aisle.

With many high profile Chefs and personalities promoting plant based and ethical food it is certainly one "trend" that we will not see disappear any time soon. Recently I noticed a well known personality and long standing Australian Chef personality post on Instagram a recipe for their "Plant based soup range - Sweet Red Capsicum and grain soup"....the traditional "Vegetable soup" has been given a makeover and a total rebrand.

Being aware of what and how we eat is becoming increasingly more and more important. Climate change is in the news each and everyday whether it be the current climate change marches throughout the world, the plastic in our oceans, the drought and early bushfires in Australia or the burning and devastation of the Amazon - being more ethical in the food choices we make is each and every one of our responsibilities.

Iridium Partners understands and supports the drive behind the Lord of the Fries founders​ and their desire to bring ethical fast food that also happens to be plant based to everyone. We are very excited to have been selected by Lord of the Fries to assist with their NZ growth and franchisee selection. We understand that finding franchisees who align with the values and beliefs of the NZ Franchisors Bruce and Baksho Craig is vital to the growth and success of the brand in New Zealand. 

If you believe you share the Lord of the Fries ethos, have proven business experience and wish to know more about owning your own piece of the Lord of the Fries Franchise family then contact us today - we have opportunities in Wellington, Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch and Auckland. Equally if you think we have missed somewhere and you would like to chat to us don't hesitate - reach out to us today!

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Zones Landscaping Specialists - Hamilton

Secure your Zones Hamilton Franchise today!

Hamilton is absolutely booming…..Latest statistics (from Infometrics) show that Hamilton's local economy grew by 3.1% for the 12 months to March 2019 surpassing the National growth of 2.5% over the period. There has been strong construction activity, with residential consents growing by 40%. This combined with the population growth of 3.6% compared with 1.7% nationally supports the fact that Hamilton is a desirable place to live, work and enjoy.

With demand growing steadily in Hamilton, more franchise opportunities are available in order to meet customer demand. Contact us to secure a seat at the next Zones information session – Don't miss out!

Prior to launching Zones in New Zealand in 2014 the Directors undertook a large research project to understand consumer behaviour and market attributes before launching Zones. Zones recognised the fragmented landscaping market and as a result built a specialised design-and-build landscaping service. The service provides a customer the full-service, from concept plans to completion. Zones project manage the work, which makes the whole process as hassle free for the customer as possible.

Build your dream business in a highly profitable and growing market.

Franchise owners do not need to be landscapers. The technical expertise required to deliver great design, trade skills and project management are employed by the Zones Franchise Manager, in conjunction with Zones training and the Franchise system. The Zones franchise model has key roles that manage these areas in order that the Franchise Manager focusses on building a scalable business.

For Zones to appoint you as a Franchisee, you will be:

  • Inspired to grow a landscaping business that delivers a superior customer experience.
  • Personally motivated to grow a multimillion dollar business.
  • Professional and well presented.
  • Someone who likes working with and managing people.
  • Customer service focused.
  • Is looking to create wealth with a business asset.

Franchise opportunities are also available in Wellington and the South Island. Contact us today to find out more. www.iridium.net.nz

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3 - future proof heritage franchise brands

3- Future proof heritage franchise brands

Interesting Inside Franchise Business article touching on Hog's Breath as one of the recognised heritage brands and how they are future proofing themselves so they can continue to sustain growth - Hog's Breath is coming to New Zealand - chat to us today about how you can be part of this great heritage brand.

3 - future proof heritage franchise brands - Nick Hall

Franchising is an all-encompassing sector that has seen its fair share of fad ideas and market trends. Wade through the sea of bygone ventures and you'll find the mark of tried and tested franchise model is longevity.

Whether it's a brand that has celebrated a long stretch in the public eye or received a number of independent accolades, heritage franchises represent stability and support.

But don't be fooled. A heritage brand with success overseas will not necessarily guarantee results in Australia.

It is imperative as a prospective franchisee; you research your desired franchise's history in the domestic market. Brands born in Australia have built their networks according to the specific regulations that govern the country.

Here, Inside Franchise Business takes a look at three home-grown heritage franchise brands who are future=proofing their franchisees.

Hog's Breath Café

Casual dining steakhouse Hog's Breath Café has carved out a niche for quality fare in a family environment.

This year, the home-grown hospitality business celebrates 30 years of operation; no mean feat in today's changing QSR landscape.

Ross Worth, Hog's Breath CEO believes the key to continued success for the heritage franchise is its ability to embrace new technology.

"What we could have never anticipated 30 years ago is the massive shift in technology, consumer expectations, sustainability and marketing that have driven our industry," Worth told Inside Franchise Business.

"Consumers these days demand more from their restaurants and food providers, which has forced the industry to up its game, which is a great thing. If you don't adapt to what the market wants, you simply get left behind," Worth said.

Over the past few years, Hog's Breath has introduced a quick-service model, Hog's Express as well as implemented a model food-truck business and strengthened its operating systems.

Read more at https://www.franchisebusiness.com.au/news/3-future-proof-heritage-franchise-brands/


3 future-proof heritage franchise brands | Inside Franchise Business

The mark of tried and tested franchise is longevity. Heres three heritage franchise brands who are prepping their networks for growth through innovation.
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Do you know who’s working for you?

Are you confident that you know that each and everyone of your employees is legally entitled to work in New Zealand at this precise moment.

Again in the news today there is yet another employer who has been found to be illegally employing a person to work in their business.Whether this employer was aware and ignored the fact or perhaps they simply had no idea this person was not entitled to work legally in this country made little difference to the punishment handed down by the Court. It is each and every employer or business owner's responsibility.

Whilst the individual employee may not have reported directly on a day to day basis to the person convicted they non the less were fined under the Immigration Act for their company's misdemeanor. The court upheld that the company was responsible for ensuring all employees were legally entitled to work.

Finding information relevant to an employee's entitlement to work in New Zealand is a relatively easy process in this country so one would then assume that this was something that employers and business owners did as part of their regular checks and audit processes. The increasing frequency of reading about yet another employer being fined for illegally employing someone however tells a different story. So why do so many employers fail to do these simple checks? Is it perhaps because they do not see it as important, perhaps they do not have an understanding of New Zealand employment legislation or perhaps they just simply don't have the tools, a method to keep track and top of this information or perhaps even the resources to do so.

Employers and business owners cannot continue to ignore their responsibility for this – the courts will certainly continue to crack down on those who don't comply with the legislation and the fines and punishments are only going to increase. Don't be the next business owner / employer to make headlines for all the wrong reasons – Iridium Partners can certainly help you down the right path of compliance.

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